Help for Families and those Suffering Opiate Addiction

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Help Is Closer Than You Think

Heroin and other drugs can take many families and those suffering addiction to dark places. Andy’s Angel’s is here to help you find light.  Our organization can help you find the right place for you or a loved one to get treatment. We can offer a listening ear or just help others cope.  We can offer financial assistance  for you or a loved one and open the doors to a world of light and hope.

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WAI-IAM is a non-profit organization with a mission of empowering youth and inspiring individuals suffering from substance abuse. It was built on real life experience and nearly a decade of struggle through addiction between a mother and her son. The programs they provide are specifically designed to provide the message of HOPE. No matter what venue or who attends, the lessons shared will leave you speechless and everyone can benefit from this new approach to freedom.


The foundation is made up of three separate programs. Straight talk, the OKprogram and RISE Sober living.

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Straight talk is the real experience of a 24 year old recovering addict and alcoholic.  It is a presentation that delivers the message of hope, strength and unity.  Together, mother and son talk about the co-dependency and agony they faced during the years of addiction.

OKprogram is a program of action and information. They work with our youth hands-on in a classroom setting. The sessions include role playing to understand judgements and practice compassion as well as interactive discussions to identify feelings and emotions.

RISE transitional housing offers a series of housing structures that caters to post alcohol and drug rehab patients. These homes provide the needed structure for addicts to move productively back into society drug and alcohol free.

Andy’s Angels has been working in conjunction with WAI-IAM for some time now.  We have sponsored several individuals through RISE helping them with their road to recovery.  Mike has also joined Straight Talk as a guest speaker helping to educate the community.   WAI-IAM is a separate organization yet unified in their purpose to educate and help those struggling.  As it is a common goal for every individual to pursue a life free from addiction.

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