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We Are Here To Serve You

We have curated a list of links you may find helpful. Please take advantage of these resources.

US Department of Health and Human Services and National Clearinghouse – For Alcohol/Drug Information.
American Council For Drug Education. – This site is easy to navigate.
The Anti-Drug – Resources and information for parents.
National Institute on Drug Abuse – Information on drug abuse, along with parent links.
Drug Free – Advice for parents as well as true stories about use and recovery.
Kids Health – Site for information on youth, teens, and adult health.
MDCH-The website for Michigan Department of Community Health.
Teens Using Drugs– What to know and what to do when your teen is using drugs.
Street Drugs – Drug information and street drug book resource
Drug Free Jackson – Jackson County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition
Jackson United Way
Allegiance Addictions Recovery Center
Dawn Farm – Programs for addicts and recovery alcoholics.
SRSLY – A community coalition established to prevent destructive behavior in Chelsea youth.

Useful Resources